Confirmed Creep Rep. Matt Gaetz Reportedly Showed Nude Photos of Women to Other Legislators

Confirmed Creep Rep. Matt Gaetz Reportedly Showed Nude Photos of Women to Other Legislators
Photo:SAUL LOEB/POOL/AFP (Getty Images)

Earlier this week, Florida Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz responded to news that he was under federal investigation for allegedly having a sexual relationship with a 17-year-old-girl and paying for her travel by going on Tucker Carlson’s show and saying “it is verifiably false that I have traveled with a 17-year-old woman.” And Gaetz’s week is only getting worse!

On Thursday, sources told CNN that Gaetz was known in Congress for bragging about his sexual escapades and relationships with women to his colleagues.

Allegedly, Gaetz also showed other legislators photos and videos of nude women he claimed to have slept with, while literally on the floor of the House of Representatives. So not only is Gaetz a creep who is in the habit of showing his colleagues naked photos of women who likely didn’t consent to have their bare bodies shown to random Congresspeople, but he’s also so unconcerned with the potential ramifications of this behavior that he’s comfortable doing it in the middle of his workplace…. which just so happens to be the federal government.

The sources who spoke to CNN said that Gaetz had the nude photos on his phone when showing them to colleagues and that he also talked about having sex with the women in the images. “It was a point of pride,” said one, speaking about Gaetz’s behavior.

Another source claims that during Gaetz’s first term in the House, staff members for then-House Speaker Paul Ryan apparently had a brief meeting with the Florida representative to discuss acting professionally while in Congress. Although the conversation reportedly wasn’t tied to a specific incident, it’s telling (and embarrassing) that a man in his mid-30s had to have someone sit him down and explain to him what it means to act like an adult in the workplace—and it suggests that there are plenty more incriminating stories about Gaetz that haven’t yet become public knowledge.

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