Congratulations, Internet: The New Monopoly Token Is a Cat


Proving that even Rich Uncle Pennybags is a Lil’ Bub fan, the new Monopoly token has been revealed and it’s a cute little kitty cat. Yep, the stupid old iron is out and a shiny new feline is in. The piece was determined via vote, with the cat beating out a robot, a guitar, a diamond ring and a helicopter. “I think there were a lot of cat lovers in the world that reached out and voted for the cat,” says Hasbro VP Nepotism Pennybags, Jr.

Congratulations, internet. Your cat obsession has officially affected the board game industry — now all we need to do is replaced the other pieces with a troll, a sloth, Psy and Donald Trump’s jack-o’-lantern skull and the Hasbro world will officially be ours.

If you’re super eager to break out into a game of Monopoly, you’ll have to wait to play the cat piece. It won’t be made available until later this year, but no worries — most games last an average of 10 months anyway so you can just swap out pieces as they come.

Monopoly’s New Token: the Cat [Newser]

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