Consumers Are Just Crackers About Wensleydale • Drew Peterson's Stepbrother Doubts His Innocence


• Sales of Wallace and Gromit’s favorite cheese, Wensleydale, have given British dairies a much needed boost. •

• A member of Israel’s “modesty patrol,” an all-male vigilante group, has been sentenced to four years in prison for the brutal gang assault of an Israeli divorcee. • Bone tests reveal that Chinese athletes have been faking their ages to compete in junior events. • Ugh: Last week the Arizona House voted to impose new restrictions on women seeking to have abortions, including an enforced 24 hour waiting period and a mandatory lecture. The bill also allows pharmacists to refuse EC, even to rape victims. • Not even sex is recession-proof: sex toy sales have fallen in France, according to sector specialists. • Thanks to Twilight author Stephanie Meyer, French teens are rediscovering Emily Brontë’s classic dark novel Wuthering Heights. • Monday got you down? Here are some adorable pictures of a baby panda. • With 670 women dead per 100,000 live births, Haiti has one of the highest rates of maternal mortality in the Western hemisphere. • A study from Cornell University found that women with advanced math abilities are more likely to chose a field not related to mathematics than men with similar skills. • According to Sociological Images Singapore Airlines are known for their advertising featuring “Singapore Girls” – pretty, smiling girls who “have become a symbol of Singapore itself.” • Most Australian voters in Beaudesert, Queensland say that they don’t really give a crap about parliamentary candidate Pauline Hanson’s nude photo scandal. • At 80, Jaswantiben Jamnadas Popat is the only surviving member of a group of housewives who founded Lijjat Papad, a multimillion dollar company which sells the popular Indian wafers called poppadoms. • Today, two female cops became the first women to direct traffic in Rome’s Piazza Venezia. • New research from Denmark shows that early pacifier use may lead to shorter periods of breastfeeding. • Drew Peterson’s stepbrother Tom Morphey went on Good Morning America today and confessed to suspicions about Peterson’s involvement with his wife Stacy’s disappearance. “He was planning on killing somebody,” Morphey said. •

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