Contest: Name The Pope's Non-Existent Rock/Rap/Pop Album


The new issue of Rolling Stone features everyone ‘s favorite new rock star, Pope Francis. More radiant than Justin Bieber, almost as excited as Rick Ross, clad in all white like Roger Daltrey, His Holiness wears a beatific smile and a Madonna-esque crucifix. ROCK.

But seriously: If he were releasing an album, what would it be called?

Some suggestions…

  • Holier Than Thou by P. Frank of the Vatty Can
  • Force Of Habit (remix ft. Macklemore)
  • Popin’ Ain’t Easy by P. Freezy
  • Confessions (ft. Usher)

Add your suggestions below. The winner gets a white winged dove*.

(Yo, for real though, I heard his beats were hot, like PON tiff PON tiff PON tiff.)

*offer not necessarily valid.

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