Cool Dad Throws Daughter 'Playboy' Party, Everything Goes Really Well!


Jeff Lake is young, he’s hip and he’s with it. He’s the kind of dad who’ll bring the kids shots of Diet Coke (oh you!) while they’re studying and throw his daughter a sexy lingerie party for her 18th birthday. He doesn’t want you to think of him as a regular dad. He’s a cool dad and those handcuffs on his wrist? They’re just reminding him that he’s alive!

While there’s nothing wrong with throwing a sexy party (you should see the pictures of me in a processed-silk shirt at my fifteenth birthday bash), perhaps those kinds of events shouldn’t be thrown by parents (until you’re like 30 and your dad decided to host “pleasure parties” to sell sex products to all your friends) or, more importantly, feature drunken teens partying hardy and passing out hither and tither like toy soldiers all over the house. (I’d like to imagine the playlist had a heavy Martika presence.) (She’s coming back, you know!)

Lake, who is an attorney specializing in medical marijuana cases, has been arrested for violating the “social host” ordinance of Poway, California, which prohibits anyone to throw parties providing alcohol to minors. When deputies came to break the party of approximately 150-200 teens up last Friday night, they found “two boys unconscious” and a “beer can thrown over the fence into the neighbor’s bushes.” They also found teen upon teen dressed in bustiers and lingerie doing god knows what teens do while listening to “Toy Soldiers” on repeat.

As 10 News, the local ABC affiliate reports, Poway Mayor Steve Vaus is upset about the incident and has stated that he’d like to make a point of letting the community know who the bad parents in their midst are, even if some, like Lake’s wife, had been PTA president in the past.

“I’d like to put a scarlet letter in front of the homes of people that do this, to say you can’t trust these folks, they make bad decisions related to kids’ safety,” he said.

Liv Lake, whose birthday it was, posted a huge thank you to everyone who came to her party the next morning. “FUCK DA POLICE, LOL!” she probably added as she chugged a 40 to get rid of her killer hangover.

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