Coraline's Creepy-Cool Movie Magic, Awesome Heroine


Wired magazine went behind the scenes of the new stop-motion 3-D film Coraline, and the images are amazing.

Writes Jason Silverman:

A quarter-million pieces of popcorn are transformed into cherry blossoms, superglue and baking soda are whipped into snow, and black fishing line becomes creepy chest hair… Many of the plants—which flutter for a hummingbird’s attention—were formed out of plastic mesh. Their radiant stamens include fiber optics. Three seconds of footage took three weeks to shoot.

Each Coraline puppet is 9.5 inches tall with 20 ball-and-socket joints.

This steam is made from cotton spritzed with hair spray.

The gravel is made of kitty litter; the sky is fiber optics poked through holes in a black curtain. See more here!

As for the film? A review by Scott Foundas in the Village Voice claims:

Coraline Jones isn’t the pluckiest or most ingratiating sprite ever to take center stage in a children’s film, and her (mis)adventures aren’t especially novel, but Coraline is still a consistent splendor to behold.

Kirk Honeycutt of the Hollywood Reporter says Coraline is “terrific … a marvelous family story, tapping into all sorts of childhood dreams and nightmares involving Mommy, monsters and heroic youngsters.” With voices by Dakota Fanning, Jennifer Saunders, Dawn French and Ian McShane, could Coraline be a reasonable alternative to He’s Just Not That Into You this Friday? (Dakota Fanning’s other flick, Push, “X-men without costumes,” also opens Friday.)

The Handmade Tale: Coraline’s Inventive DIY Effects [Wired]
Coraline In Wonderland [Village Voice]
“Coraline” Brings Childhood Nightmares To 3-D Life [Reuters/Hollywood Reporter]

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