Corey Feldman: Corey Haim Was "Very Broke, Very Destitute"


Last night, Corey Feldman appeared on Larry King to discuss the death of Corey Haim. Feldman said that Haim—who’d been “fighting the good fight” of drug addiction—was writing a sequel to License to Drive called License to Fly.

Feldman said that he wants people to stop assuming that Haim died of an overdose until the toxicology report comes back, but he did say that Haim was seeing a treatment specialist (for addiction?) who was “new in the mix” and had put Haim on a new line of medication that may not have “corresponded properly” with the other medications Haim had been taking. Feldman also said that he appreciates that other celebrities are speaking out about their sadness over Haim’s death, but is angry that those same people weren’t there for Haim—who was “broke and destitute” and didn’t even have a car—in his life.

Feldman went on to express his anger at how “society as a whole”—and specifically tabloid culture—laughs at child stars and “kicks [them] when they’re down.”

When talking about the projects that Haim was working on at the time of his death, Feldman mentioned that one of them was License to Fly (a sequel to License to Drive), which Haim was supposed to write and Feldman was supposed to produce. There were also plans to turn the License series into a trilogy and follow it up with License to Dive. Thankfully, Larry ended the interview by asking Feldman what the fuck was up with his hair.

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