Correction: John 'White Supremacist Dick' Mayer Says He Has Not Slept with 500 Women

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Last week, after an interview with Cazzie David on his Instagram Live show, it was reported that John Mayer had slept with “a soft 500″ women. Now, Mayer is issuing is a correction: He claims that the erroneous number was the result of a miscommunication between himself and his interviewer, and that his actual “number” is 6. Mayber says he’d actually referenced sleeping with “less than 500 women:”

“I made reference to being a sub-500 guy and you guys, I know, listen, it’s a tough world out there and you want people to like you. And I try to do it too,” he began. “But I feel like people might like you more if you would just go along with what the truth is… I also just wanna say that I thought about it over the week and I actually went back over my entire dating history and… my number is six. So I just wanted you to know that. That my number is six.”

At 28 years old (29 in November), I have spent what feels like a considerable portion of my life being inundated with facts about Mayer’s sex life. There was the time he called Jessica Simpson “sexual napalm in bed.” He also unforgettably referred to himself as possessed of a “Benetton heart. David Duke cock.” Now, I am privy to the fact that he has slept with between 6 and 499 white women, as if that demographic hadn’t embarrassed themselves enough.

[Oh No They Didn’t]

Kylie Jenner Gifts Kris a Red Ferrari for Her 63rd Birthday

On Monday night, Kylie Jenner, who is, in my opinion, Kris Jenner’s second favorite daughter, gifted her mom with a red a 488 Gran Turismo Berlinetta red Ferrari. Jenner, who described the vehicle as her “dream car,” burst into tears when she saw the vehicle. This was, of course, all filmed. Kris’s birthday is November 5th, and discovering that the hardest working mom in show business is a Scorpio was incredibly edifying. Kris, who exited her residence to greet the new car in pajamas, was also flanked by a handsome, younger black man, who I am presuming is her current plaything.


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