Cory Booker Is Just Like Us: He's on a Diet (Ugh)


Cory Booker must be one of those dudes who holds his weight in a bag stored in an invisible realm, because he allegedly claims he’s lost 40 pounds — and has “another 30 to go”.

According to Page Six (we know, we know):

Booker also talked about his dramatic weight loss, telling dinner guests he “has lost 40 pounds and has 30 to go.” Booker recently spent a week living on food stamps when he said he lost a lot of weight. But Booker – who also doesn’t drink and is cutting back on caffeine – quoted Abraham Lincoln, saying, “It has been my experience that folks who have no vices have very few virtues.”

Wait, what’s his vice? Is this some sort of secret message about the fact that he’s got bodies in the basement? Or is he saying is vice is eating? Because that’s not a vice, it’s something you need to do to live. Plus, isn’t he vegetarian; maybe his vice is too many vegan cookies?

The other takeaway from the Post piece is that Cory Booker is not like us at all, as he apparently told his dining companions that he’s definitely running for retiring Sen. Frank Lautenberg’s seat in 2014. One diner told the Post, “Cory confirmed he is running for Senate, but added he can only say this unofficially at the moment.” Street fight, take two!

[NY Post]

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