Could This 'Younger, Happier' Mona Lisa Be a Legit Da Vinci?


The Mona Lisa Foundation, a Zurich‭-based consortium that knows absolutely nothing of this Illuminati that you keep bringing up, will be unveiling a painting of a “younger, happier” looking Mona Lisa that they believe was painted by Da Vinci 10 years prior to the older, wiser Mona Lisa that we all know and love.

The painting, known as the Isleworth Mona Lisa, has been the subject of debate since it was discovered by a British art collector in 1913. Larger in size and darker in color than the famed portrait that hangs in the Louvre, many experts concur that it is in keeping with Da Vinci’s style. Additionally, several art historians throughout history have hinted at the possibility of a second Mona Lisa. 16th Century art historian Giorgio Vasari, who identified the Mona Lisa as Lisa Gherardini,‭ ‬the wife of the wealthy Florentine silk merchant Francesco del Giocondo, has referenced a Mona Lisa left unfinished (though Da Vinci sold a completed Mona Lisa in 1516) and was the first to reference the portrait as having “a smile so pleasing‭” even though the Louvre painting is famously tight-lipped and enigmatic. Furthermore, 16th century artist biographer Giovanni Lomazzo has referred to “the Gioconda [the Italian name for the Louvre’s Mona Lisa],‭ ‬and the Mona Lisa‭,”‬ leading some to believe that there are indeed two paintings.

The legitimacy of the Isleworth Mona Lisa is still being questioned, however, by art historians who point out key differences between the painting and Da Vinci’s other work:

“‬So much is wrong.‭ ‬The dress,‭ ‬the hair and background landscape.‭ ‬This one is also painted on canvas,‭ ‬which Leonardo rarely did,‭” ‬Martin Kemp,‭ ‬emeritus professor of the history of art at Oxford,‭ ‬told The Sunday Times…”She might look younger but this is probably because the copyist,‭ ‬and I believe it is a copy done a few years after the Mona Lisa,‭ ‬just painted it that way,‭” ‬Kemp said.

The Mona Lisa Foundation — who, again, has nothing to do with the Illuminati — are presenting the painting today in Geneva alongside a ‬320-page book that “will provide‭ ‬historical,‭ ‬comparative and scientific evidence‭ ‬to prove once and for all that the‭ ‬Isleworth work is an authentic Da Vinci artwork.”


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