Crafty Teen Drugged Parents' Milkshakes So She Could Get on the Internet


It’s Friday evening in Placer County, California. You’re a teenage girl who really really really needs to get online, but your parents have some rules regarding logging on to the internet. What to do? Obviously, the answer is: Serve your parents some delicious milkshakes in which the secret ingredient is a shitload of prescription drugs.

As the Sacramento Bee reports, a 15-year-old girl and her 16-year-old BFF have been arrested for allegedly drugging one teen’s parents so that they could get online. Apparently internet access at the home was routinely shut off at 10 p.m. Lt. Lon Milka, a police department spokesman, told the paper that the teen offered to pick up milkshakes from a local fast-food restaurant for her parents.

The parents drank about a quarter of the milkshakes but didn’t finish them, saying they tasted funny and were grainy, Milka said.
But the shakes – loaded with prescription sleep aids allegedly provided by the friend – were effective, and the parents quickly fell asleep.
They awoke at 1 a.m. with unexplained hangover symptoms, but went back to sleep. In the morning, with the headache and grogginess still present, they went to the Rocklin police station to pick up a drug test kit, Milka said.
“Many parents buy them and have their kids’ urine tested,” Milka said. But in this case, they used the $5 kit to test themselves, he said.

The parents tested positive and called the cops.

Unknown is what the hell was happening on the internet on Friday night that was so important that these girls needed to render adults unconscious. “For our investigation, that wasn’t as important as the drugging with the milkshake,” Milka says. But dude. We’re dying to know. Was there a hot Google hangout party or Chat Roulette soirée? Inquiring minds!

In any case, it seems like these girls feel pretty sure that they had to do something:

The 15-year-old told police that her parents’ Internet policy was “too strict,” Milka said.

Shakes were spiked, cops say [Sacramento Bee]

Image via Ingrid Prats/Shutterstock.

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