Cristiano Ronaldo's Armani Ads Revealed; Courtney Love Always Packs Extra Panties

  • Cristiano Ronaldo lends his abs to an Armani campaign. Excellent timing. [TLF]
  • So. Gisele Bündchen just after she had a baby looks just like Gisele Bündchen when she’d never had a baby. [Vogue UK]
  • Julien MacDonald, a Welsh designer who briefly was hired at Givenchy during the label’s post-Alexander McQueen, pre-Riccardo Tisci wilderness period, is now a judge of Britain’s Next Top Model. “There were no plus size models” on the season just wrapped, he says, because “this is a serious show. You can’t have a plus size girl winning — it makes it a joke.” Furthermore: “A catwalk model is a [UK] size six to eight. If you’re a size 14 in a room full of size eights — you’re in the wrong room.” [Wales Online]
  • Courtney Love: “I did learn a new rule recently, a piece of fashion etiquette. It freaks me out. A lady doesn’t carry a purse after 9 p.m., a lady carries a clutch. And this was told to me by an actual lady. It was told to me by Karl Lagerfeld‘s muse, Amanda Harlech. She was like, ‘Courtney, after dinner, you carry a clutch.’ And I’m like, ‘What happens, you know, if you have to do the walk of shame the next morning?’ And she’s like, ‘Pack one extra pair of panties.'” [WWD]
  • Gemma Ward is reportedly starring in the next installment of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. She will play a mermaid. [Daily Telegraph]
  • Daphne Guinness has privately bought Isabella Blow‘s wardrobe, which was to have been auctioned at Christie’s. “It’s Issy — it’s her DNA — it should not be scattered to the four winds,” said the heiress/couture lover. “I want it to remain as a monument.” Blow’s collection included Alexander McQueen‘s entire graduate collection, among many other pieces by the late designer. [IHT]
  • The U.K. drugstore chain that sold glamour model Jordan‘s two perfumes has pulled the scents from shelves after an investigation by the Observer revealed workers at the Indian plant that made them were being paid far less than minimum wage. [Sun]
  • Kate Moss‘s father Peter suffered a heart attack over the weekend. The supermodel left the Isle of Wight music festival to be with him in hospital, where he is understood to be recovering. [Daily Express]
  • …Or maybe she didn’t. The Sun has pictures of Kate Moss on a ride at the festival, and reports that she only called to check on him. [Sun]
  • Nicole Richie, on her origins as a designer: “When I was a little girl and my dad was touring, I would make his costume designer make outfits for me out of the extra fabric. I was really making my own clothes, or designing them at least!” If you had to define “really making your own clothes,” “making someone else make them for you” would not be on our list of approved synonyms. [Daily Express]
  • There’s a rumor that Nicola Formichetti, the stylist known primarily for his work for Vogue Hommes Japan, Dazed & Confused, and Lady Gaga, will be the next creative director of Thierry Mugler. [Hintmag]
  • Burberry C.E.O. Angela Ahrendts was paid £3.16 million in compensation last year, after she was awarded the largest possible bonus under her contract. Burberry’s sales rose 7% on the previous year, and profits were up 23%. [Vogue UK]
  • At the Global Department Store Summit, the Intercontinental Group of Department Stores and the International Association of Department Stores put aside their differences to name Britain’s Selfridges the world’s best department store. [Independent]
  • For fall, Diego Della Valle‘s Tod’s brand will run ads featuring incredibly wealthy British people you may have vaguely heard of, including India Hicks, Lauren Remington-Platt, and Hugo Guinness, all shot in and around an English manor home. The Italian Della Valle is to the British upper crust as the Bronx-born Jew Ralph Lifschitz is to the American WASPs. [WWD]
  • Café Colonial, a relatively inexpensive and relatively good eatery in New York’s SoHo, was priced out of the rental market, and forced to close. A Rag & Bone store may be moving into its old space. [Racked]
  • A bunch of British neurotics have gotten together to found a music and vintage clothing festival where everything will be nice and clean. All the tents have beds — and optional breakfast delivery — and there are no Port-a-Potties. Also, no joke t-shirts, please: “I would be disappointed if people turned up in that at ours, I really would,” says organizer Wayne Hemingway. Also: “Wouldn’t it be great if you could just go to a festival and be how you’d be if you were going to a nightclub and didn’t have to feel dirty?” [Independent]
  • Ralph Lauren is selling 9-10.35 million of his personal shares in the company he founded. The designer, who is 70, is grooming his son, David, to take over the business, so this may be a rare opportunity for investors to snap at a significant chunk of the company. Lauren may net $750-$870 million in the sale. [Fashionista]
  • This slideshow of Sao Paulo fashion week is pretty cool. [Independent]
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