CT From The Challenge (Yes, That CT) Got Married


Hello, Challenge fans—all 12 of you*. CT, the reformed hothead who started off on The Real World and fought long enough to become a hero on MTV’s adult competition show The Challenge, is best known for launching his career* by fighting his roommate Adam on The Real World: Paris. That CT has grown up (he’s a father now), and soon he’ll be getting married on television to Lilianet Solares, the mother of his 2-year-old son.

In reality, the ceremony already happened in September in Florida; it’ll be shown as part of a two-part wedding special on MTV (it’s nice to get your wedding sponsored), The Challenge: CT’s Getting Married, which premieres December 11.

It’s still wild that CT went from being known as an alarmingly violent contestant to beloved dad-bod bear. It feels like just yesterday that he was a giant iceberg of rage prone to violent outbursts, just yesterday that he wore Johnny Bananas like a backpack in a classic Challenge showdown. Nevertheless, the beast’s heart has softened over the years (thanks in part to his relationship with fellow Challenge contestant Diem, the former love of his life who died in 2014 after battling cancer).

In the trailer for the wedding special, CT says of his bride, “She makes me want to be a better man. I don’t know what I would do without her.” He also told People, “I really hope everybody sees how Lili is—she’s my lady tiger. I was afraid to share my private life, but this is a chapter of my life I’m very proud of. I found myself in good hands, that’s for sure. I love her very much.”

*That’s a joke. In my estimation, millions of people still watch The Challenge.

*Respect them. They’re athletes.

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