Czech Political Figures Pose For Sexy Calendar


• Women are making major headway in Czech politics. Weirdly, they have decide to celebrate this fact by releasing a racy calendar featuring photos of some of the leading female members of the Public Affairs party.

Participants include Katerina Klasnova, the new vice speaker of parliament’s Chamber of Deputies and Kristyna Koci, the party’s chief negotiator. Kinda makes Sarah Palin’s boobjobgate look tame in comparison, no? • A 16-year-old girl went missing in the southern city Italian city of Potenza. Elisa Claps was eventually assumed dead, despite multiple stories of sightings around the world. In 2002, a trace of Elisa appeared – in connection with a crime. A woman living in England was found stabbed to death, holding a clump of unidentified hair. It turns out, this hair was the key to solving both crimes – and a slew of unwanted haircuts. • According to search warrants, George Huguely, the man accused of murdering classmate and ex-girlfriend Yeardley Love, was found shirtless and holding his passport on the night that Love was murdered. Police also found red-stained bedding and towels in Love’s appartment. Huguely has been charged with first-degree murder and is being held without bond. • A government-backed survey from India found that two out of every three women in Delhi have faced some form of sexual harassment in the last year. The report also found that teenage students and women working in the unorganized sector are the most vulnerable. Buses are also a dangerous place, where many women are continually subjected to “eve teasing.” • Two women from Atlanta were found tied up on the side of the road late Thursday night. Police believe that they were probably both escorts who were robbed after meeting potential customers. Both victims claim they were in the area for other, non-sex work-related reasons. • A Florida appeals court has ruled that simulating oral sex with a sex toy is not a sexual activity. The decision was in response to a case in which 57-year-old David Lowe was convicted for sucking on a toy in a convenience store parking lot. “His actions, though clearly rude and offensive, do not violate the express terms of the statute,” the appeals panel said. • The many problems facing Pakistani people have caused some disturbing facts to be overlooked – like the cultural acceptance of rape – according to journalist Saad Khan. In his discussion of honor killings, rape, and women’s rights, Khan writes: “This is another war, an indigenous battle, but unfortunately no one, except for a few brave women, are tackling this issue. When will the broader civil society, and more importantly, the government do something about it? We don’t know the answer to this question.” • A study from the Oregon Health & Science University in Portland found that black women may not be getting the care they need for depression, due in part to the expectation that they must conform to a “strong black woman” ideal. They also found that many women view certain depression treatments as associated with “‘white’ systems of care.” • Good news for the recent graduates (because they sure need it): The gender wage gap is much narrower for younger workers, according to a report from the Labor Department. Women under 35 who work full time earn about 90% of what men earn, compared to women over 35, who only get about 75% of the money owed. • A recent poll found that the majority of Americans don’t approve of a veil-ban. In contrast, the majority of Europeans do support the legal measure. While only 17% of French citizens are against the ban, two-thirds of Americans say they would vote against a ban on full veils in public. •

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