DABA Girls Get An Agent, Commenters Get Pissed


Oh, the DABA Girls. Does anyone better represent the spirit of America right now? Hollywood, home of Shopaholics and Sex And The City sequels, thinks not, for the DABA Girls now have a Hollywood agent.

Nikki Finke posted the story of the DABA girls and the Hollywood frenzy that surrounds them; apparently, several agents were after the women, who eventually signed with United Talent. But perhaps more interesting than the headdesk inducing statement that “Now there’s going to be a book, and maybe a movie, and maybe a TV series,” about the oh-so-tough life of the DABAs is the vitriolic reaction of the commenters on Finke’s Deadline Hollywood site:

Unbelievable. I cannot for the life of me see why anyone would support this. It’s not a female-empowerment story, an inspirational love-overcoming-adversity story, or, judging from the “I didn’t sign up for this” comments, a stand-by-your-man story. People are hurting everywhere and these bitches are…well, bitching. So telling that, rather than see if there’s anything that they could do to help their men, they go hang out with each other and drink and bitch about their reduced allowances instead. This is the kind of story that makes me loathe women (“just remember these guys are math club nerds, girls” – what, but you were fine with it when he was pulling down six-figure bonuses, bitch). And, while I would expect this kind of attitude in LA, it kind of saddens me even more that these are NY girls…
I saw the article. These women are not sympathetic. They dump the banker-types as soon as the bonuses and beach houses cease. One of the banker boyfriends even becomes stressed out and less attentive. Quel Horror ! Golddigger stereotypes. No story here.
Whereas a year ago most of these girls were nothing more than arm candy for their millionaire hubbies, they and their book and TV deals will now be responsible for supporting their broke ass husbands. It IS a new era.
This is where this industry misses it. We’re stocked with too many out of touch, privileged players that don’t get what the broad swath of America cares about. This is so tone deaf to what is going on for most people. Nobody cares about Carrie Bradshaw and her difficulties with expensive shoes when they are having trouble getting a job and making the rent. Watching a bunch of over-privileged trophy wives bitch about having to cut back isn’t a ratings winner today. The door has slammed on this latest gilded age.

So what say YOU, commenters? Will the DABA girls go on to make a kerbillion dollars at the box office, supported by a frilly pink ad campaign and a sassy soundtrack, or are the days of rich girls and their problems crowding up the screens finally coming to an end?

The DABA Girls Get A Hollywood Agent [DeadlineHollywood]
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