Dad Gets Hair Cut 


After years of very publicly growing balder and balder, Prince William went and buzzed off what was left.

That’s according to the Sun, the Daily Express, Sky News, the BBC, the Associated Press, Vanity Fair, E! Online, People, and—obviously—the Daily Mail.

The soon-to-be father of three looked nervous as he stepped out of her car to onlookers outside the hospital today,” reported the Express from the appearance where he premiered the new style. The Sun said that “A source close to the hairdressers” who did the do told them: “The Prince got sick of being teased by Harry about going bald and this seemed like a practical solution — and one that should stop all the digs too.” Sky News notes that Harry and also Kate have been public teasing William about his hairline for years now.

In the United Kingdom in particular, this was front-page news. Let’s take a tour through the tabloids. The Daily Mirror opted for a cheeky “God shave the King!” which surely occasioned some huffing and puffing around Prince Charles’ breakfast table:

The Daily Express cover line is one I’d take to Judge Kara Brown of Shade Court, were she still residing on the bench:

The Sun, meanwhile, notes the cost. Which does seem high, frankly!

“I’d have done it for a tenner,” one barber apparently told the tab. Just don’t grow a mustache like Prince Albert of Monaco, Wills.

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