Davidoff Cigars: The Dirtiest Smokes Since The Clinton Administration


Perhaps inspired by the real orgasm faces of photographer Robbie Cooper‘s latest project, new ads for Davidoff cigars depict three men in the throes of passion captioned with the line: “Everyman has his D-spot.” Larger images after the jump.

This is our favorite ad, since it looks like the man is both experiencing an orgasm, and falling into a coma. Gives new meaning to the phrase petite mort.

AdFreak suggests that the model has actually smelled the foul scent of the cigars, but we think it looks like someone is experiencing a much more sudden (and physical) pain than the stinky smoke. Maybe someone stuck him with a Davidoff brand cigar?

Davidoff Cigars Orgasmic Or Just Plain Stinky? [AdFreak]

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