Dem Donor Considers Pulling Support From Lawmakers Who Urged Al Franken's Resignation


Susie Tompkins Buell, an entrepreneur, major liberal donor, and Hillary Clinton’s bestie, is considering pulling financial support for lawmakers who called on former Sen. Al Franken to resign over allegations of sexual harassment and misconduct.

In a text message, she told the New York Times that Democrats “moved too fast” and that Franken “was never given his chance to tell his side of the story.”

Over two dozen senators, including Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and nearly every woman Democrat, called for Franken to resign amid six separate allegations of forcible kissing, groping, and harassment. Franken resigned in December, but did not offer an apology for the alleged misconduct.

She continued:

“For me this is dangerous and wrong,” she added. “I am a big believer in helping more women into the political system but this has given me an opportunity to rethink of how I can best help my party.”

Buell, who has become one of the Democratic Party’s biggest donors, has donated millions to Democratic presidential candidates, including the Clintons, Al Gore, and Barack Obama. However, she withdrew support from Barack Obama in 2012 over frustration with his leadership on environmental issues and climate change. She recently reportedly donated $500,000 to help Donald Trump’s accusers fund lawsuits (though the money was later refunded).

Among those who may lose Buell’s donations are New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, who has been a longtime advocate for survivors of sexual assault and harassment and may very well be gearing up for a 2020 election bid. “As for Gillibrand, unfortunately, I believe she miscalculated and has shot herself in the foot,” Buell wrote. “I have supported her for many years. Will I going forward? To be determined.”

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