Deranged Sorority Girl Rebecca Martinson Is Writing a Novel, Thank God


Remember Deranged Sorority Girl, that lively bard of the Internet age who gained fame and widespread acclaim for her way with anatomical rhymes such as “cunt punt”? Of course you do. She is now writing a book. Of course she is.

This lovely insight comes from a New Republic article about how garbage books like I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell and Betches Love This are revolutionizing the publishing industry because people purchase and (sort of) read them in large quantities, but they’re also maybe ruining the publishing industry because they’re absolute trash. It’s a fascinating, nuanced take on the issue — and it’s very telling that the news of a possible Deranged Sorority Tome, which was fleetingly mentioned in a fairly insignificant aside, is most people’s biggest takeaway from the piece. The alleged fledgling book has sparked fury and speculation on several websites.

Here’s the aside:

[Jeremie] Ruby-Strauss [an editor at Simon & Schuster] and [Byrd] Leavell [who represents Cat Marnell] brought up a University of Maryland student infamous for a viral e-mail… Leavell was shopping the Maryland student’s novel, to be co-written by the women responsible for a site called White Girl Problems, which sounded like a formidable partnership. “It’s a shit-ton of fun,” said Leavell. “There’s a number of books that have pubbed that just say, you know, I had too many drinks, I banged him, I kicked him out of bed, and I went to work. Like, it’s out there, but I think there’s room for more.”
Ruby-Strauss was less convinced. “Every generation thinks it invented sex,” he said. He is known as a formidable negotiator, and I wondered if he was casually undermining the project in order to lay the groundwork for a lowball bid.

“HOLD UP,” says the Internet. “THE LIVELY BARD WHO COINED ‘CUNT PUNT’ HAS WRITTEN A BOOK? WITH THE CREATORS OF WHITE GIRL PROBLEMS?” — effectively proving Leavell’s point that the thirst for the new genre of “I had too many drinks, I banged him, I kicked him out of bed” has yet to be quenched. (Martinson’s BroBible column has clearly not satisfied the literate people of the world.)

Both the Baltimore Sun and the Huffington Post have reached out to Martinson, to no avail. Because a lady never signs a deranged-email-to-book-deal and tells, fools.

“‘Deranged Sorority Girl’ Rebecca Martinson is Writing a Novel!” [HuffPo]

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