Designer Thinks Size 10 Is "Unhealthy"; Marc Jacobs Talks About Terry Richardson

  • An Australian designer told the press that she will not extend her size range beyond an Australian 14 — roughly a U.S. 8 — because to do so would “endorse unhealthy living.” Said Rosemary Masic, of label Nevenka:
  • “I am very passionate about life and serious about health. It is the most important thing we have and we should respect and look after our bodies. Size 16 and size 18 is not a healthy size to be.” Plus-size model Sarah Collins said, “Just because you’re bigger, doesn’t mean you don’t want to wear the same clothes as everyone else. I’m healthy. I exercise. I eat well…It’s frustrating that a lot of Australian designer labels don’t make bigger sizes. They would look good on us, they just need to be made to fit us.” Oh, look, Rosemary Masic has a Contact Us tab on her website… [SMH]
  • The Post — who else? — is reporting that “ninjas” broke into the Fifth Avenue Emilio Pucci store overnight, and made off with $100,000 worth of goods. Apparently they were ninjas because they were dressed in black. [NYPost]
  • “It’s like donating yourself. You don’t think about yourself anymore. I’m breastfeeding every two or three hours, [so] you don’t sleep well. You forget everything after looking at the face of a little angel. Anything else doesn’t matter – just him who really matters.” Gisele Bundchen is totally not buying this French motherhood stuff. [People]
  • Speaking of pregnancy, Claudia Schiffer says what she craves most is beer. And that she’s having a girl. [Vogue UK]
  • Danny Glover took his campaign for American garment worker jobs to Cleveland this week. Hugo Boss intends to close a factory there that employs 375 people and move its operations to Turkey. The decision inspired Glover to ask his fellow actors to reject Hugo Boss’s advances for the Academy Awards, and indeed, the label had an unusually poor showing this year. (Though Jesse James did wear it.) In Ohio, Glover toured the factory and again appealed to the company to keep it open. [Yahoo!]
  • Steven Klein is doing Lady Gaga‘s new video, for the song “Alejandro.” Please let it not involve blackface. [WWD]
  • Sadly, it seems the Lindsay Lohan/Ed Hardy collaboration rumored yesterday was just too good to be true. [@LindsayLohan]
  • Vogue Australia deletes negative comments made about advertiser brands from its website. How are we not shocked? [The Cut]
  • Tommy Hilfiger sheds some light on fashion’s screwy delivery schedule: “I think the retailers are sometimes requesting merchandise early in the season so they can get their floors set up. The larger the retailer, sometimes the slower the distribution center. So, I think that the retailers are requesting it and the manufacturers have succumbed to it. But if you really look at what is beneficial to the consumer and also the manufacturer, it’s delivering in season. I mean, it’s not doing anyone any good to not find a swimsuit in July, and to look at wool sweaters and outerwear in July and August. It just doesn’t make sense.” [WWD]
  • For the New York premiere of Why Did I Get Married Too, Janet Jackson wore Alexander McQueen. [People]
  • Marc Jacobs says he’s only worn jeans three times in the past two years. [Fashionista]
  • And: “I’ve worked with Terry [Richardson] and Terry has asked me to do some crazy things,” said Jacobs. “I know that those pictures will exist if I do them. But I’m a big boy and I can say no.” Now complete the circle, Marc! [WSJ]
  • Naomi Campbell is the focus of the April issue of Vogue Russia. The supermodel guest-edited the magazine, is depicted in all the editorials, and chose the photographers she wanted to work with. For the interview, industry players like Chanel Iman, Christian Louboutin, and Mario Testino were directed to ask Campbell things that they’d been hesitant to bring up with her. Did she swear and cross her heart not to throw things at them beforehand? [Fashionologie]
  • The Imagist‘s Wayne Sterling writes, “There’s an unwritten memo now circulating…amongst a tight circle of model-makers and the message is this: the directive of the ’00s to have armies of blank, disposable, lookalike girls marching at the service of the campaigns, magazines and the runways is over. New decade, new ideal.” And there’s a rumor that Calvin Klein has replaced 16-year-old face Monika “Jac” Jagaciak with 25-year-old Lara Stone. [Fashionologie]
  • Manolo Blahnik is set to design a pop-up store within the London department store Liberty. It’ll be a “World of Manolo,” and it will feature specially designed shoes, candles, shoehorns, and rain boots Blahnik will design in Liberty prints. [WWD]
  • Rachel Zoe yearns to spend the day in her bathrobe, with her husband, watching old movies and sharing meals. [Fabsugar]
  • But given a professional stylist can ask day rates of $8,000 to dress a star for an event, some actors are doing without Zoe and her ilk. Diane Kruger and Marion Cotillard are among them. [TDB]
  • Meanwhile, on The City, the trailer for season 2 promises Whitney Port‘s first fashion show, and a showroom visit from that socialite chick who seems to have it in for her, afterwards who’s like, “It was very inconsistent. I’m gonna pass.” [People]
  • And a designer named Adrienne Baravetto says that she had an oral agreement with Port to co-design a label in exchange for a 25% stake in the company and an $80,000 salary — but that Port later cut her out of the company. Baravetto has filed a lawsuit. [TMZ]
  • Unusual words to hear from the C.E.O. of Gucci: “I think there is a recognition that real quality, as reflected by craftsmanship, employing luxury fabrics and materials and applying special treatments, takes time. In a way I like to think of this as “slow fashion,” which is what true luxury always used to represent.” [WWD]
  • Urban Outfitters founder Richard Hayne sold $50 million worth of stock. [TS]
  • Gianni Versace‘s mansion in South Beach is now a hotel. Rooms start at $2,100. [NYTimes]
  • In other Pointlessly Expensive Shit, Stella McCartney‘s stiletto, vegan interpretation of the Birkenstock costs $625. [NYDN]
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