Dina: Lindsay's Not A Bad Influence; Heidi Can't Chew Burgers Anymore

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  • Michael Lohan claims that Lindsay Lohan‘s apartment was a “mess” when he stormed in yesterday. As for Lindsay, she “looked like she was hit by a truck…” her eyes were allegedly “pale and bloodshot, and her hair was a mess.”
  • Michael says when he came in Ali started crying and Lindsay was asleep on a mattress sitting on the floor of a room with no furniture. He continues, “She came up to me and said, ‘What are you doing here?’ And I said, ‘I want to check on Ali, and I want to know you’re okay. I want to sit down and talk to you.’ Then she said, ‘Get out of my apartment!’ She started yelling at the police. Some random girl, who looked like she’s anorexic and on heroin, walked out of the other room, and I said, ‘Who are you?’ and she said, ‘I’m her friend,’ and I said, ‘Listen, friend, step out of the way, this is between me and my daughters!'” Lindsay told Us, “He’s nuts.” [Us]
  • Here’s Dina Lohan‘s version: “Lindsay is absolutely, 100 percent, not [a bad influence]. Ali is amazing. She loves her sister. Would I let my daughter go anywhere that’s dangerous? I mean, come on, Ali and Lindsay need to be protected from their ex-father. That’s the dangerous situation.” [People]
  • Lindsay Lohan‘s lawyer says she and Ali are afraid of their father and want a restraining order. It’s unclear if she’s spoken to Lindsay, or if she just read her Tweets. [Access Hollywood]
  • Michael Lohan‘s fiancee Kate Major said, “Honestly, I obviously will always support Michael, but I really feel for Lindsay. I just want this all to end peacefully because I love them both. I told Michael I don’t want any part in this. I just want the best for everyone-including Dina and all of the kids.” [Radar]
  • Lindsay Lohan has been accused of stealing a friend’s $35,000 Rolex, but TMZ dug through the photo archives and discovered Lindsay owned a Rolex that looked very similar and was stolen by the “Burglar Bunch.” [TMZ]
  • Dr. Drew Pinsky tried to make amends with Lindsay Lohan in this video interview with Radar, saying “I literally wish her the best..I wish whatever this is, she get proper treatment and she do well. I wish her nothing but the best.” He added, “For me to say that I’d make myself available or try to help her in anyway almost seems ridiculous at this point. If there’s some way that even by my reaching out to her can deescalate some of these things. I would be delighted to just make it clear that I wish her no harm. I’m here to support…Here to make things right and good- not to give somebody more distress. That is not my goal.” [Radar]
  • In this preview of Tuesday’s Hills premiere, Heidi Montag discusses her plastic surgery with her family over dinner. Her mom says she should have dealt with her “insecurity on a psychological level,” then Heidi’s sister asks if she likes her burger. Heidi says she can’t really chew it because of the surgery, and her mom shoots back, “Want me to put it in a blender for you?” [Us]
  • Lady Gaga‘s rep says the recent story about her being “completely preoccupied” with getting plastic surgery is, “Ridiculous and untrue.” [Daily Express]
  • Here’s a teaser for Oprah Winfrey‘s April 29 interview with Rielle Hunter. Oprah asks: “How did John Edwards react when you told him you were pregnant?” “Has he ever told you that he loved you?” “What makes you think he’s not lying to you?” [Extra]
  • Today on Oprah, Melissa Etheridge said of her split from Tammy Lynn Michaels, “How could I possibly distill almost nine years of a wonderful relationship and explain to you-and I know that people really want that sound bite of ‘this happened, that happened, he said, she said,’ or something like that, and it’s not that simple… It’s about growth… It’s certainly not even fair of me to stand here and tell my story when Tammy doesn’t have the chance.” [E!]
  • After the episode aired, Tammy Lynn Michaels wrote on her blog Hollywood Farm Girl, “This [blog] will be the only place where you will get the truth… Hollywood Farm Girl is the only one who gets it right, who won’t spin, won’t lie won’t act like there was drifting.” [Us]
  • Charlie Sheen went to a CVS last night and looked at Depends and a tabloid featuring him on the cover, but he only bought aspirin and a pack of razor blades. [TMZ]
  • Charlie Sheen recently moved back into the home he shared with Brooke Mueller, and Mueller immediately moved out. “She doesn’t want to sleep in the same house with him she’s so disgusted,” said a source. His escort friend Angelina Tracy has been sleeping over. [Radar]
  • Gary Coleman was arrested for allegedly attacking his wife Shannon Price, but now they’ve reunited. A source says, “Shannon has moved back in (and) Gary’s like a new person. Gary really thought he could die at any time and it (recent health crisis) made him realise how much he really loves Shannon. They’ve never been happier and all their friends are hoping their love will stick this time.” [Contact Music]
  • In the market for a Florida estate with its own dock, private cinema complex, and hair salon? Burt Reynolds just reduced the asking price of his home, which has been on the market for five years, from $16 million to $9 million. [Daily Mail]
  • Mark Ronson is in back in the recording studio with Amy Winehouse. He says, “Over the weekend she did three tracks for Quincy Jones. She’s doing great.” [Daily Express]
  • Conan O’Brien responded to a teen’s prom invitation, “Dear Nikki … Unfortunately, … my wife doesn’t allow me to go to proms anymore with cute 16 year old girls.” [N.Y. Magazine]
  • Joy Behar is playing a Judge Judy-like character in the new Farrelly Brothers movie Hall Pass. [Mediaite]
  • None of the stars of SATC 2 will attend the film’s Australian premiere, and this Aussie paper is pissed. [News.com.au]
  • Kristin Davis is on the new cover of Fitness, wearing a bikini and standing in a pool of water, natch. “I’m never going to be the thinnest actress, and I don’t want to be,” she says. “I have hips!” [Us]
  • Stephen Fry isn’t Tweeting until he finishes his book, but he broke his rule today to promote a 24-year-old runner’s charity auction of a signed Norwich City soccer ball. [Mirror]
  • Breaking: Renee Zellweger got a pixie cut. [People]
  • David Hasselhoff‘s ex-wife Pamela Bach was sentenced to 90 days in jail for DUI. [TMZ]
  • Her attorney says she’s “scared to death” of jail. [Radar]
  • Bruce Beresford-Redmand‘s parents have filed court papers requesting permanent custody of his two children saying, “He is unable to care for the children at the moment. We moved into our son’s home to take care of the dogs earlier this month while the family was away and stayed to take care of the children….Bruce wishes us to have permanent guardianship over the children.” Bruce has been named the prime suspect in his wife’s murder. [Radar]
  • Monica Beresford-Redmand‘s sister says she’s closer to the children than Bruce’s parents and, “I don’t think they are the best people.” [Radar]
  • Michael C. Hall‘s wife says he’s “fully recovered” from cancer. [AP]
  • Kayden Nguyen‘s sexual assault lawsuit against Steven Seagal has been put on hold after his lawyer entered a motion today to move the case to arbitration. [Radar]
  • Woody Allen announced yesterday that his new film will be titled Midnight in Paris. [LAT]
  • Naomi Watts says of working with Woody Allen on You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger, “People had told me that he doesn’t give you any direction. But Sean [Penn] was telling me a different experience. Scarlett [Johansson] was telling me something different than that. But Woody and I talked all the time. I was like, “What is this thing about? This reputation you’ve got that you don’t speak to people? That you don’t direct?” He said, “Sometimes, I get nervous that I’m giving an actor too much to think about.” And that’s true, because we did a single shot for almost each and every scene in the film-four or five pages of the script with almost every character. You had better not fuck up because its going to take an hour to re-set and do the whole thing again. Maybe I’m exaggerating, but if I mess up the last line on a six-page scene, everybody has to do it again because of me. Woody said, “I don’t like to break an actor’s concentration. There are certain actors I’ve never spoken a word to, but I’ve worked with them five times.” [Blackbook Magazine]
  • Q: Have you ever had a fashion disaster? Liv Tyler: “Yes! But so far they have been very funny. While making The Incredible Hulk I had to wear the same pair of skinny 7 For All Mankind jeans and during a big scene, where we crash in a helicopter, I split the back of them while trying to pull William Hurt out of the crash. I didn’t realize I had done it until I went to stand outside in the fresh air for a couple minutes and felt a cool draft on my bottom! The crew nicknamed me Action Pants.” [Glamour UK]
  • When asked what it was like to play a cad in Nice Guy Johnny Ed Burns said, “My character is this charming shitheel. But he’s not exactly harmless. Maybe it’s a type that’s specific to New York, but he’s a guy in his 30s who womanizes without apology. I actually know one or two guys in their 40s who are still playing that game. So we’re trying to make fun of this guy, but at the same time he’s a mentor. Some of the advice he’s giving is good, but he’s the absolute wrong guy to be giving it. So I didn’t want to redeem him in any way. Characters like him are always fun to play.” [Daily Front Row]
  • Niecy Nash‘s DWTS partner Louis van Amstel says to coach Kate Gosselin, “You’d have to break her down and then teach — what’s going on, what’s holding you down. She needs a psychologist, that’s what it is…In the end, I felt really bad for Kate.” [Us]
  • Diane Lane is filming the horse racing movie Secretariat. She says, “each horse has its own personality. I had my favorite [horse], and mostly my relationship with the horse was a friendly one. He’s in the top 10 of my costars, for sure!” [People]
  • Another reason to be jealous of Salma Hayek‘s two-year-old daughter Valentina: “She speaks three languages,” said Hayek. “She’s [speaking] fluently – English, Spanish and French. She can have a conversation. [People]
  • Brandy‘s mom reveals, “I named her after the neighbor’s dog. She was very pretty and the dog was very pretty… And then there was a song after that named Brandy and I just loved the name Brandy.” [Fox News]
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