Dior, for the Slightly Wicked Horticulture Enthusiast in You


The spring 2014 Christian Dior collection — shown today as part of Paris Fashion Week — has a little bit of an organic feel. But not organic like hemp/burlap/undyed cotton. Organic like vines, flowers, snakes and sinew.

In a press release, designer Raf Simons said of the clothes:

“This collection is the idea of twisting, turning, and pushing Dior, where the lyrically romantic becomes dangerous; a beautiful rose garden becomes poisonous.”

The venue had plant life hanging from the rafters. Some of the dresses were adorned with tiny three-dimensional embroidered shimmering floral branches. Beaded necklaces wrapped around necks like snakes or vines. And there were, of course, floral prints. That said, the designs left me a little cold. The completely sheer skirts are incredibly WTF but the shoes, with straps that look like tendons or musculature, are cool. Take a look:

Images via Getty.

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