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What Courtney Wore Today is brand new. As in, started on Tuesday. And it’s already the best, craziest, most amazing thing you have ever seen your life.

What the hell is What Courtney Wore Today? It’s a collection of images of Courtney Love dressed in different ensembles, accompanied by captions. And yet. It’s so much more.

Mysteries abound. Secret identities run amok. The English language is butchered.

Consider this pre-mission statement:

Essential to this blog is “X.” who is a male and the Biggest Fashion Whore in creation.

And this:

We need to keep the “X.” identity an absolute secret. and thats all that shall be stated about That Matter. Caveat. CLC knows she isnt allowed to know who “X.” is. For all intensive purposes this is a Social Experiment- it isn’t Tavi , God Bless her , that kid is an inspiration, blogging what she wore today, C-lo has promised us that we can use the flagged photos in her Iphone and some from her computer file, we will try and do rare pics, but the ultimate purpose , and i have not told you my story yet, or fully why we are doing this; let me restate; the IDEA is that, CLC will text to us what she is wearing, while we review her” post kook epiphany”- more on that later, and how i came to be so utterly intimate with this wardrobe, which updates quite a bit.
C-Lo wouldnt be caught DEAD selling on ebay. Not even if she were starving.
She IS actually THAT obsessed in terms of writing .. Ive never seen her with say, any notebook other than Smythson or a Liberty Of London embossed one in her hand,
she says she cant draw “Inspiration” from a ” cheap crap paper” notebook ( Warning: having seen and saved a few BEAUTIFUL but ” too hippyish” or ” Nouveau Blecch” leather covered Notebooks , vellum , even, from the fireplace at CLC’s house, do NOT give this woman notebooks for any occasion!) and she’s an epic snob, with OCD level IMPECCABLE taste.
Swear to GOD!
Immaculate? no. Impeccable. yes. she would never go to the deli in a robe and slippers, now of course your saying “Nonsense! I saw Courtney Love Pap shots and she was, for sure, in flip flops and a stained robe”
NO! what you saw, my dear reader, is a OCD genius of wardrobe in LILY LANGTRYS peau de soie peignoir King Edward gave her and a cracked pair of Raj era slippers. its all by design my dear, and she wont mind me saying so….. now hold on.

And don’t forget the Magic Birkin!

This is a place where shitty iPhone images are elevated to art, where Lanvin is spelled correctly but “it’s” is not.

Some more gems:

Yes. this was 2 Oscars ago. Ej’s party but we never thought she got her due! head to toe Lanvin and some rockin’ rocks. Whose a skinny minnnie?


Westwood, err not so slimming , and WHAT is that necklace???
What Courtney wore to bed! Kiki panties (she swears, and we believe her, after she hissed at T’s anthropologie knickers and threatened to burn them if any in her sightline again!), Rick Owens t, Margiela cardi and Givenchy sandals with a kindle in her “diva room” back of the bus….No Virginia Clo “can’t” do a bunk. She never has and never will! So the boys give her the back room (and yes, they are frette sheets although someone didn’t hear her and went all gauche noir at ABC linens). Or maybe Clo decided to go all black? Seems odd, she’s a linens freak! Maybe she’s just being outre. I’d have preferred a bit less cliched “rock n roll”

It’s shallow, it’s deep, it’s stupid, it’s genius. Bookmark it.

What Courtney Wore Today [Official Site]

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