DNC Attempts to Convert the 3 Republican Voters Who Hate Trump More Than They Hate Abortions

DNC Attempts to Convert the 3 Republican Voters Who Hate Trump More Than They Hate Abortions
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Hey, I know who should be given a primetime spot at the Democratic National Convention next month! A Republican who hates abortions and labor unions! According to the Associated Press, former Ohio governor and failed Republican presidential candidate John Kasich has been “approached and is expected to speak” at the DNC, as part of the Biden campaign’s efforts to appeal to the three Republican voters who hate Trump more than they hate abortions.

Naturally, many Democratic Party activists are pissed that Kasich was asked to speak at the party’s premier event, given Kasich’s extremely shitty record on core Democratic issues. After all, it’s one thing for Kasich to go to Ohio and the rest of the country’s fine diners, cornfields, and haunted church basements in an effort to encourage Republicans to vote for Biden, which is absolutely something he should do. But it’s another thing altogether to give this longtime opponent of marriage equality who only recently changed his stance and has said he doesn’t approve of the “gay lifestyle” airtime at, again, the DEMOCRATIC PARTY’S CONVENTION.

If the goal was to piss off your most dedicated party members, congratulations! You did it!

On Sunday, Donald Trump sweated his way through another rambling, incoherent interview, this time with Fox News’s Chris Wallace, in which he yet again explained that the number of covid-19 cases are on the rise only because there’s so much testing happening now (not true); proclaimed that when it comes to the pandemic, the U.S. is “the envy of the world” (extremely not true); and defended the Confederate flag yet again as “freedom of speech” as well as a symbol of people’s wholesome love for the South, not racism.

He said much, much more—CNN has helpfully pulled together a list of “the 55 most shocking lines” from Trump’s interview if you feel at all inclined to sink deeper into a pit of rage and despair—but I would like to end on this portion of the conversation. Via the Washington Post:

Trump sought to portray Biden as mentally vacant, telling Wallace that he did not want to characterize his opponent as “senile” but positing that “Joe doesn’t know he’s alive” and is “mentally shot.”
Trump then challenged Biden to a cognitive test, which the president characterized as exceedingly difficult. During a physical exam in 2018, Trump took the Montreal Cognitive Assessment — which includes animal pictures and other simple queries aimed at detecting mild cognitive impairment such as dementia — and has regularly boasted about it since.
Wallace told Trump that he tried the test himself after hearing the president brag about passing it. Wallace said “it’s not the hardest test,” adding that one of the questions on the version he took was to properly identify a picture of an elephant.
“I’ll bet you couldn’t even answer the last five questions,” Trump said. “I’ll bet you couldn’t. They get very hard, the last five questions.”
“Well, one of them was count back from 100 by seven,” Wallace said, adding: “Ninety-three.”

  • Labor unions and other groups held a “Strike for Black Lives” today. [Associated Press]
  • “But states’ rights…” she whispered weakly, one clawed hand reaching out of the grave. [Reuters]
  • Surgeon General Jerome Adams is trying his best to convince Fox News-loving Americans to wear a damn face mask. “Please understand that we are not trying to take away your freedoms when we say, ‘Wear a face covering,’” he pleaded. Good luck, dude. [Politico]
  • People keep disrupting and protesting Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’s covid-19 briefings, which is the only good news to come out of the state since the time before Ponce de León stepped his grimy little feet on its shores.
  • In related news, one of Florida’s largest teachers’ unions sued the state over its plans to reopen schools next month, which, good for them. [NBC Miami]
  • Georgia State Senator Nikema Williams, who also happens to be the chair of the state’s Democratic Party, was chosen by the party’s executive committee to replace the late John Lewis on the ballot this November. [Atlanta Journal-Constitution]
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