Do Women Really Need A $200 Compact To Carry Around Condoms?


Today, the talk show The Doctors encouraged women to carry around condoms, which is great. But are we really so afraid of appearing promiscuous that we should invest in a pricey product to do so?

The Doctors is kind of a mind-numbing show, but it certainly serves a purpose of giving advice on raunchier topics that shyer people would be too afraid to inquire about, or those lacking common sense. (Also, The Doctors is how we found out that people get drunk via vodka-soaked tampons.) Today, when discussing safe sex, they insisted that women should be carrying around condoms, making sure to note that this does not mean that a woman is promiscuous. (Grr, it’s annoying that being in control of your own body is still considered a stigma.) As a solution, they presented the idea of Just in Case Intimacy Compacts, a bedazzled little box that could be mistaken for cosmetics and that costs between $25 and $199! Is protecting the rep of the contents of your purse that valuable?

Please, please don’t buy an expensive product that you think will make you seem less promiscuous. Please don’t buy into anything that that even plays into that stereotype. And if you’re really that timid, or that concerned that someone might be routing around in your purse, just use an empty Altoids case. You can even decoupage it, if you must.

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