Do You Want Your Hairdresser's Opinion On Your Uterus?


This year, at the Bronner Brothers International Hair Show in Atlanta, a group of women tried something different. Just let Christina Martin tell you about her new plan for black hair salons:

“There’s a real sense of community and togetherness as conversations ring high over the noise of blow dryers and buzzers. I’ve heard a variety of topics discussed, celebrity marriages, family issues, frustrations with government and whatever else captured their attention, but one thing that was never brought up was the issue of abortion. That was something they simply didn’t talk about. Thankfully, that is now about to change in shops across our nation.”

Martin, of the African American anti-abortion group Bound 4 Life, is a co-organizer of the “Samson Project,”
which Lifesite News says is “named for the long-haired Nazirite of the Old Testament.” The organizers say over 1,000 people at the hair show agreed to watch a propagandistic movie linking abortion to slavery and telling their customers about it. She writes,

I realized many in the black community are sadly unaware that abortion is the #1 killer in Black America. Others are confessing Christians, yet lack a revelation on the evil of abortion. One older woman told me she just quit her job as a security officer at an abortion clinic, the week before the hair show. When I asked her why, she told me it was too hard to watch the girls going in get younger and younger. She said some were as young as eleven, and she couldn’t take it anymore, so she left.

Telling that eleven-year-old girl she’s contributing to the genocide of her people unless she gives birth sounds like an excellent solution.

1,000 Hairstylists And Barbers Commit To Talking About Abortion In Their Shops [Bound4Life]
Over 1000 Hairstylists Commit To Talk About Abortion At Their Shops [Lifesite News, Via]

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