Doctor Makes Prosthetic Limbs For Woman & Her Pet Goat


Jenny Brown of New York knew where to turn when her goat Albie had to have his leg amputated because she got a prosthetic leg after losing her leg to cancer as a child. Albie managed to escape a slaughterhouse, but due to injuries he sustained in the process he needed to have his front left leg amputated. He wasn’t getting around well on three legs, so Brown called the doctor who made her prosthetic leg. “We did some research. There had been only one goat ever before in the U.S. that had got a prosthetic limb,” she says. “I knew exactly how frustrated he [Albie] felt with a leg missing – as I had gone through it all myself. I was determined to help him.” After several fittings, Albie now has a device that lets him walk and even run in comfort. Brown says, “We take it off at night for him to sleep – just like I do – and then in the day he has it on all the time. He’s skipping around on his prosthetic leg and he couldn’t be happier.”

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