Does Stassi Schroeder Know Her Baby Shares a Name With an Alleged Sexual Harasser, Or?

Does Stassi Schroeder Know Her Baby Shares a Name With an Alleged Sexual Harasser, Or?
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Stassi Schroeder, once jobless after being fired from Vanderpump Rules over racism allegations by former costar Faith Stowers, is now a mom. Good for her, I guess, unless this means she will find new ways to worm back into mild Los Angeles notoriety. But maybe I spoke too soon, seeing as she just
(unwittingly?) named her new baby Hartford Charlie Rose Clark, which, unfortunately, immediately calls to mind fired TV journalist and alleged sexual harrasser Charlie Rose.

People reports that Schroeder and her husband, jobless actor Beau Clark, “welcomed a baby girl named Hartford Charlie Rose Clark” on Thursday. In a statement to the magazine, the couple said that “we truly cannot begin to describe the happiness and joy we are feeling,” a sensation I can only imagine will be matched by said child when it comes of age and learns it shares a name with Charlie Rose, who was axed from his jobs at CBS This Morning and 60 Minutes after multiple women came forward with allegations ranging from unwanted sexual advances, groping, and inappropriate phone calls and nudity.

From their press release, it’s unclear whether Schroeder and Clark were aware of who their child now shares a name with. By Schroeder’s own omission, she loves death and morbidity and murder, and I guess those things found their way onto programs like 60 Minutes throughout Rose’s squandered career. Really, though, it seems like a colossal error rather than an intentional choice. (Schroeder did call the police on a castmate for a petty feud, though, so her judgement is definitely in question.) Hartford Charlie Rose Clark as a name is like, an amalgam of all the worst impulses of mommy bloggers and Instagram sponcon gurus. Perhaps Connecticut George Washington Clark and Virginia Don Rickles Clark didn’t roll off the tongue the same way.

Reps for Schroeder, meanwhile, didn’t immediately respond to questions about her new child’s namesake. This post will be updated if and when they do.

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