Does This Count as a Deal?

Socialite slash art curator Stacy Engman bought a tiara she says is worth $6 million for the "garage sale" price of $35,000.

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Does This Count as a Deal?
Photo:Lars Nikki (Getty Images)

I have a couple of questions about this Page Six story concerning Stacy Engman’s recent purchase of a purple-gemmed tiara. First and foremost, who is Stacy Engman?? The article describes her as a “quirky art scenester” as well as a curator, socialite, and eyewear designer known for “her signature tiara sunglasses.” She also allegedly bit someone during a dispute on a flight from Istanbul to JFK while wearing a tiara and “telling everyone within earshot that she had just spent five days on a yacht,” but Engman denies the whole thing. Still not really sure who she is, but it sounds like she likes tiaras!

Anyway, Engman bought this particular diadem—a li’l purple number designed by Mellerio, the famed French jewelry house that Engman describes as “Marie Antoinette’s jeweler”—for $35,000 at a Christie’s auction. That’s a lot of money! Though Engman says it’s “garage sale prices” given her opinion that the piece is “worth $6 million,” a valuation she reportedly came to without the assistance of a professional appraiser. I’m just like…does that count as a deal though?? Let’s say she’s correct, and the tiara is worth $6 million. If that were all true, would $35,000 count as a deal? Just a little class war fodder to chew on this pride month Sunday…

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