Don Jr. Enjoys Killing Endangered Things Like Sheep and Our Democracy

Don Jr. Enjoys Killing Endangered Things Like Sheep and Our Democracy
Donald Trump Jr. Image: (Getty)

Donald Trump Jr., is a sniveling little daddy’s boy with greasy hair and a remarkably perplexing body composition that reminds me of a Stretch Armstrong doll that has been left in the sun for an entire summer. When he’s not spending his time getting his ass handed to him by the women of the The View or ripping off queer people of color for content on Twitter, you can probably find him somewhere polishing a gun, or shooting a gun, or dreaming about polishing or shooting a gun. The boy loves guns. Or, at least, he likes them a lot. I don’t know if love is a trait that can be associated with anyone in the Trump family. But if it could, Don Jr. and guns would probably be the closest it would get.

On the list of things he likes most in the world, after guns is probably guns but a different kind, and then surely it is shooting things with guns. A hobby he very publicly enjoys, and a hobby that is supported by the tax payers of America and facilitated by the political influence his father holds.

According to ProPublica, a trip Trump Jr. took to Mongolia was supported by government resources from both countries, during which he hunted and killed an endangered sheep known as an argali. Given that the argali are the largest sheep in the world, I wouldn’t imagine one needs to be particularly skilled to shoot one (especially at night with a laser sight, as Trump did), you just have to be particularly unconcerned with wildlife, which, obviously, duh.

As it turns out, you also have to have a permit to hunt in that region, which melted Stretch Armstrong didn’t, or at least, not until sometime after he shot and killed the endangered animal. “What are the chances the Mongolian government would’ve done any of that to someone who wasn’t the son of the United States’ president?” asked Kathleen Clark, a professor at Washington University School of Law, when talking about the permit. My guess is, they wouldn’t.

The Mongolian permit isn’t the only one Don Jr. has come across recently either, having also managed to stumble across one to hunt grizzly bears north-western Alaska. He’s one of three people to receive the permit to hunt the bears in Alaska’s Seward Peninsula, for which they sometimes receive thousands of applications.

Eddie Grasser, wildlife conservation director for the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, said that Trump’s odds are just as good as anyones, and came down to pure luck. This go around though, it appears no luck was necessary as only three of the available 27 permits were claimed.

At the end of the day, I guess the silver lining in all of this is that only two other people aside from Donny Jr. were interested in shooting bears in Alaska. It’s an admittedly small win for those of us who don’t consider shooting animals to be a “sport” or a “pastime,” but it’s a win that nonetheless I’ll take.

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