Donald Trump Can Expect an Earful from Carly Fiorina (A.K.A "That Face") at Tonight's Debate


Donald Trump’s highly publicized swipe at fellow Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina (“Look at that face! Would anyone vote for that?”) has brought more focus than ever before to Fiorina’s campaign. “Look at that face” has already inspired speeches and campaign ads and now, as Fiorina preps for her first GOP presidential debate, she’s looking to use Trump’s shitty dig for all that it’s worth.

“I think Mr. Trump’s going to be hearing quite a lot from me,” Fiorina told MSNBC’s John Harwood.

HARWOOD: You’ve said, “I’ll stack up my business career against [Trump’s] any day of the week.” So, stack it up.
FIORINA: Donald Trump and I are in totally different businesses. He’s in the entertainment business. And he’s also in a privately held business. In the business I was in, we had to report our results publicly, as you well know, in excruciating detail, quarter after quarter after quarter. Make projections in excruciating detail.
And if I misrepresented those results or those projections I could be held criminally liable. If I had done it, I could have gone to jail. Those are his standards. I think my standards are what the American people would appreciate politicians or people running for office being held to.
If you file for bankruptcy four times, I think it suggests either lack of judgment or lack of discipline.

Harwood also asked Fiorina if she’d equate Trump’s “face” comment to the remarks she made about Senator Barbara Boxer’s hair in 2010.

HARWOOD: Donald Trump has gotten a lot of criticism for good reason for saying things about your appearance: “Look at that face. Can’t be president.” Didn’t you do the same thing to Barbara Boxer in 2010, talking about her hairdo?
FIORINA: No, not at all. The Barbara Boxer comment was not generous. I was quoting a friend. It was 6 in the morning, and I was caught on an open mic. Donald Trump is very deliberate about what he says.

Not to mention the fact that her comments about Boxer can in no way help Fiorina bring attention to her current presidential campaign.

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