Donald Trump's Personal Calendar Might Corroborate an Apprentice Contestant's Alleged Sexual Assault

Donald Trump's Personal Calendar Might Corroborate an Apprentice Contestant's Alleged Sexual Assault
Image: (AP)

Because former Apprentice contestant Summer Zervos is one of 25 women who have accused President Donald Trump of sexual misconduct, it is depressingly easy to forget her story: Zervos, a former contestant on the Apprentice, claims that President Donald Trump sexually assaulted her in 2007 at the Beverly Hills Hotel under the pretense of inviting her for a job interview. In 2016, she went public with the claim. After Trump denied the allegations, Zervos sued him for defamation, and though his attorneys fought to have the case thrown out, in March 2019, a New York court ruled the case had enough merit to move forward. Now, court filings indicate that Trump’s own personal calendar from 2007 seems to corroborate Zervos’s claims.

Zervos says that during a 2007 meeting at the Beverly Hills Hotel bungalow, prefaced as a job interview, Trump groped her breasts, forcibly kissed, and rubbed his genitals against her. Now CNN reports that discovery documents for the defamation case have revealed that Trump’s personal schedule for the time matches Zervos’s story, according to her attorney Mariann Wang:

“For instance, Wang says Trump’s calendar shows him flying from Las Vegas to Los Angeles with his bodyguard Keith Schiller and staying at the Beverly Hills Hotel in Los Angeles on December 21, 2007 — the same night Zervos says she met him there.”

Court filings also state that Zervos contacted lawyers, including Gloria Allred, who represented her in 2016, but has since stepped aside, about the incident as early as 2011 and reached out to Fox News with her story in 2015. An email Zervos reportedly sent Fox News at the time reads:

“I was on the Apprentice. After the show was completed, Trump invited me to a hotel room under the guise of working for him. He had a different agenda. Please contact me to speak further as I have tried to make contact,” the email states, under the subject line ‘Trump Hit On Me.’”

President Donald Trump has been ordered to sit for a deposition on December 6, 2019, according to Variety.

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