Don't Panic: A White-Knuckled 2020 Presidential Election Liveblog

Don't Panic: A White-Knuckled 2020 Presidential Election Liveblog
Graphic:Elena Scotti (Photos: Getty Images, Shutterstock

If this were any other year in any other quantum dimension, tonight we would know with some certainty the winner of the 2020 election. But alas we are living in this particularly wild moment and there is a chance that it may take a few days (or more) until the American people know for sure who will be the next president of the United States. No matter what happens in the end, this will likely be the most significant election day of our lives, in which America decides if it wants to live with four more years of creeping white supremacy coming from the top.

Some votes have been cast for weeks and others will be cast throughout the day; either way, we’re all holding our breath in a way we hoped we’d never have to again the 2016 election. The best way to combat the fear of looming militia-backed riots is to stay inside and stay safe with your pals at Jezebel, who have volunteered to be chained to our screens until a winner is announced. We hear for you.

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