"Don't Think I Am Overly Interested In You, But I Love To Hunt :)"


So you go out on New Year’s Eve. You meet a guy, he seems nice. You share a dance and a goodnight kiss and give him your number. He calls the next day; when you don’t respond immediately, this arrives.

I think you enjoy to be chased. I will call you tomorrow. Don’t think I am overly interested in you, but I love to hunt. 🙂 I challenge myself to get you to meet with me although you were not interested in the first place. lol

Okay, so English isn’t his first language, but in any language that third line is enough to turn off most women. Well, that and the emoticons. Maybe not dramatically awful — a sub-species of the common inept neg — but definitely jerk territory. Says our friend, “I thought he was weird and an ass, so I didn’t text him back. I definitely didn’t want to see him at that point.” And strangely enough, her mind wasn’t changed when the next day she received this:

You should know better at the age of 34! Don’t be such a cunt! Get back to me. 🙂 You asked me to take your number. Remember? I asked and probed if you really want to and you said yes! Lesson: Do not offer your number if you do not mean it! You gave me a nice hard on with your big ass on the dance floor though:)

Well, in that case! Needless to say, this did not prompt a response. Well, from her. Because a few hours later:

I should have done your friend she had nice big boobs but you pushed in between me and her with your big butt. I could have her in bed by now. Next time make up your mind. I am the german guy whom you met on new years eve.

Also known as a really crap start to 2011.

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