Dr. Henry Louis Gates Jr. Is So Over That Time Ben Affleck Almost Ruined Finding Your Roots


Dr. Henry Louis Gates Jr., host of PBS’ Finding Your Roots—the show Ben Affleck nearly ruined earlier this year by omitting his slave owner family history—is ready to move on from that brief lapse of integrity.

In fact, in a recent interview with the New York Post, Gates almost wondered aloud, ‘Are we still talking about this?’

“What happened with Ben, I have learned from it,” he said. “I am over that controversy — that ship has sailed — it was a learning experience, and the show is bigger and better now.”

Gates then even issued a bit of a warning to any other celebs who might want to hide their slaving past or anything else history isn’t so fond of.

“Everybody knows what we find is what we get, so no one would ever ask to leave out certain facts,” after it was revealed that Affleck asked the show to omit the potentially embarrassing info that his ancestors owned slaves.

Finding Your Roots (even if you don’t really want to) returns on January 5.

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