Drag Race's Pearl Has Floated From Heaven to Grace the Cover of Dazed 


PEARL WAS ROBBED, OKURRRRR? The Brooklyn drag queen has been living out the injustices of having not won last season’s RuPaul’s Drag Race DESPITE being the most lovely queen and sexiest boy and spiritually closest to everyone’s favorite ‘luded-out housewives in Valley of the Dolls. But now, the best Brits over at Dazed have ventured to right this wrong a little bit by featuring her on their cover with the caption “Venus as a boy.”

“She was beautiful, flawless, and bored out of her mind,” writes Isaac Lock in the cover story, cannily. The piece details her rise from Drag Race also-ran (for fucking shame!) to international superstar, touring the world while producing her album, and she characteristically sheds light on the production of the show as well as her proposed longevity. “I can’t possibly do this for 20 years the way I’m doing it,” she says. “I’d be lucky to, but, girl. It’s not good for your body. It’s not good for your skin. My dick is in my ass all the time, my ribs are crushed by a corset, I have bruises on my hips, my toenails are falling off.”

Pearl! Take care of your dick and ribs! The styling in the shoot is, as ever, perfection, and the magazine pulled vintage pieces by Leigh Bowery (!!!), procured a custom-made “Pearl” scarf by Louis Vuitton, and adorned her in designers like Tisci, Dries and Gucci like the goddamn Queen she is. Indulge/enjoy here, and FREE PEARL!!!

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Image via Dazed

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