Drones Make Beautiful Supermodels


“Drones are lovely. Drone-flown clothing flutters beautifully in the prop wash and floats down the runway like a ghost.” That’s a real quote from a real person.

That person is Chris Lindland, the CEO of Betabrand and founder of a wonderful event that’s happening right now called Silicon Valley Fashion Week.

Tuesday’s festivities featured a runway show with flying drones in lieu of human models, which, sure, sounds like a deleted scene from Silicon Valley.

It’s real life, tho. Drones will one day take over fashion and the world, so we should get used to this. Mashable reports of Silicon Valley Fashion Week:

Its runway show last night at The Chapel showcased startup brands from the likes of Betabrand, for example.
Except, no models were to be seen.
Instead, models of the flesh were replaced by aluminum drones that whizzed down the catwalk, hovering over the audience. Different looks literally flew across the stage.

These fashion drones were developed by Lindland and a tech company adorably named Game of Drones.

Point: There’s not much to modeling. It’s just showing off clothing. Drones are pretty good at it.

Counterpoint: Where the human at?

Here’s an old video of the drone being tested.


Game of Drones founder Marque Cornblatt puts it this way: “If you’re walking up to an Abercrombie & Fitch where there are no longer any sexy models, maybe there will be drones out there instead. Slowly but surely, drones are going into the mainstream.”

This is all really revolutionary, and drones will one day have the last laugh.


Image via Betabrand

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