Drunk History's Dolly Parton Segment Is as Epic as You'd Imagine


On the list of people universally adored, Dolly Parton likely ranks in the top 10. Everyone loves Dolly and there’s no wondering as to why — she’s talented, down-to-earth, sweet as sugar and progressive. All of these ingredients add up to an extremely well-liked person and they’re also why Parton makes such a perfect subject for Derek Waters’ Drunk History.

For the most part, even the most sober and stoic person has no problem expressing their Dolly love, so just imagine how over the top that admiration can get when the person doing the admiring is drunk as a skunk. Safe to say, the feelings flow as free as their whiskey.

Last night’s episode of Drunk History covered Dolly Parton (played by Casey Wilson) and her long term, albeit rocky friendship with her former manager and collaborative partner Porter Wagoner (played by the Mighty Boosh’s Rich Fulcher) — all as told by a booze soaked Seth Weitberg. Yes, it was as funny, unhealthy and entertaining as you’d imagine.

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