Dudes Grinding On The Dance Floor Need To Settle Down


Women are uniting in the case against Dirty Dancing — and no, we’re not talking movie purists who are upset about the upcoming sequel to the film of the same name. We’re talking grinding, “freak dancing,” dry-humping — call it what you will, but it is not something the women interviewed by Good Morning America feel like partaking in. When asking a panel of club-going 21-year-olds how often they get grinded upon, they responded “every night” and “every time I go out.” While the segment didn’t offer a way to get out of the situation beyond making a funny face, it did offer a word of warning to guys who think getting all kinds of freaky with a complete stranger on the dance floor is a way to pick up a lady: “Usually the type to come up to you and grind is like the sweaty type that you’re not down to dance with.” Let that be a lesson to all of us.

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