Dumbass YouTuber Banned From JetBlue for Threatening Mean Girls Quote


Matthew Lush is a popular vlogger who posts videos under the name GayGod. He’s apparently very popular with teen girls. He is very unpopular, however, with JetBlue: the company has banned him for life because of threatening tweets. But he has hundreds of thousands of subscribers. Wait, what? Internet points aren’t real? Someone alert the media.

Lush (I refuse to call him GayGod because that is some entitled bullshit right there) was escorted out of the JetBlue terminal after he made what appeared to be a threatening tweets that made use of both the name and employee number of a customer service rep who Lush felt gave him bad phone. His tweets were Mean Girls jokes, but they also referred to the employee as a nasty bitch and opened her up to his followers, so that could be seen as threatening. Or maybe JetBlue just has a zero tolerance policy on Mean Girls quotes (which is less understandable). Either way, booting someone off a flight who may have threatened a customer service rep? Totally fine by me.

Of course, Lush’s fans claim that he was just exercising his right to free speech, but these same people also don’t seem to understand that neither Regina nor Jet Blue are members of the government, nor are they throwing Lush into prison for his actions. They’re just letting him know that threatening people, no matter how jokingly, isn’t allowed. Especially when it comes to air travel.

And one more thing: In his video about the incident (which is so painful; so, so painful) Lush suggests that he couldn’t ever be a threat because he is a tiny “gay boy.” Uh, no, you’re a jackass. Your sexual orientation has nothing to do with whether you’re a threat or not and perceived threats shouldn’t be considered any less dangerous just because you’re gay and quoting a movie. You used her employee number which can be seen as harassing. That’s why you were banned, not because you’re LGBTQA+.

Maybe just skip the tweeting next time because aside from the joke violence, you’re just not that good at it anyway.

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