Elizabeth Warren Is a Leg Woman

Elizabeth Warren Is a Leg Woman
Screenshot: (CNN)

Just who is Bruce Mann, Elizabeth Warren’s husband? He is a law professor at Harvard, for one. And, as we now know from an interview with CNN, he’s a man with, as Warren put it, “good-looking legs.”

In their first sit-down interview together since Warren began campaigning for the Democratic presidential nomination, the couple shared how they met and what initially drew them to each other. For Mann, it was her sparkling personality. For Warren, it was his legs, which were shown off to their best advantage in a pair of summer shorts:

The two met in the summer of 1979 at an economics and law conference in Florida, when both of them were 29 years old. As Mann tells it, he saw Warren off in the distance. “Even from that distance, I was just drawn to her,” he told CNN. “She was so just lively, so animated, so engaged. And I just fell for her from 25 yards out before even meeting her.”

While Mann found her energy appealing, Warren had, shall we say, a different appreciation for her soon-to-be spouse. “I wasn’t completely in love with him until sometime mid-morning on Monday,” she said. She added: “It was on Monday when I actually saw him in shorts. And good-looking legs. That’s when I was all in.”

“She completely objectified me,” Mann said cheerily.

“It’s true!” Warren said, laughing.

We also learn that it was Warren who proposed to Mann:

Within months of their first meeting in Florida, Warren visited Mann at the University of Connecticut, where he was teaching at the time. She sat in on one of his classes, and after all of the students had left, Mann recalled asking her: “What’d you think?’”
“And she just said, ‘What can I say? Will you marry me?’ And I said, ‘OK.’ That is a direct quote, I remember every word.”

You can watch the full interview here.

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