‘Emily in Paris’ Cast Is Upstaged By Chaotic Guest Outfits at Premiere

The lesser-known red-carpet walkers nailed the lawlessness of the show's fashion.

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Photo: Marc Piasecki/Kristy Sparow/ Pascal Le Segretain (Getty Images)

Fingerless gloves, bold clashing prints, and ill-fitting bucket hats are what comes to mind when I think about the sartorial anarchy of Emily in Paris. I’ve watched both seasons (the third comes out December 21) with the attention it deserves: scrolling on my phone while occasionally looking up to exclaim, “ooo! Hat!”

It’s a fun show for what it is—a 2007 Teen Vogue shoot interspersed with Sex and the City’s worst platitudes, in the girl boss era—which is why I was disappointed to see how bad the cast’s outfits were for the third season’s premiere on Tuesday. I mean, technically the outfits were good, but they did a bad job at nailing the deranged style that has hooked so many of us. Almost all of them went for black or tan, save for Lucien Laviscount.

Luckily, the (mostly) unnamed guests whose photos appeared on Getty had done their research on the Emily in Paris cinematic universe and made up for the blandness the cast delivered. While I cannot identify everyone pictured in this slideshow, their stylistic bravery does not go unnoticed. As in war, so do our red carpet heroes often remain anonymous.

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