Eminem Still Convinced Lady Gaga Has A Penis


Remember about a year ago when it was so totally hilarious to talk about Lady Gaga’s cock? All because there was “something” under her dress at one concert? And people didn’t want to believe she maybe wore a strap-on and “accidentally” revealed the thing to mock celebs who “accidentally” expose their vulvas when they emerge from cars? Well! Eminem is still thinking about those halcyon days. In his new Bad Meets Evil track, “A Kiss,” Marshall Mathers seems to have a crush on Katy Perry. But he also raps:

“Tell Lady Gaga she can quit her job at the post office / She’s still a male lady.”

Hip-hop is all about posturing, braggadocio and slams, yes. However, using transgender as a dis is not an acceptable form of insult. But with a number one album and a legion of Little Monsters, Gaga probably cares about Em’s lyrics about as much as she cares for pants.

Eminem Disses Lady Gaga In New Bad Meets Evil Song “A Kiss” [PopCrush]

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