​Emma Watson Graduated from Brown University!

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Everyone’s favorite clever witch Emma Watson just graduated with an undergraduate degree in English literature form Brown University yesterday. She started attending school there in 2009, taking time off in 2011 to run around with the Harry Potter crew. Well, she’s done now and she posted this cute grad selfie:

Recently, in an interview with Elle, she mentioned people discouraged her:

“So many people told me it wasn’t possible,” she says. “I kept saying, ‘I don’t care.’ This is what I want. And graduating will, for me, be really symbolic of all of that. I will be there. And I will be throwing a huge party. And getting very drunk.”

You do that (responsibly), Emma Watson. You’ve earned it. [US]

Whitney Houston‘s family is dismayed that she won 600 awards in her life including seven Grammys and all she got was a Lifetime television movie (directed by Angela Bassett). Apparently they are considering a lawsuit to block production, and ‘sources’ say the estate is planning to do their own “This is It”-style movie. [Bossip]

  • Rihanna threw a baby shower for her cousin, which is the perfect MadTV sketch five years too late. Pls pls pls can she emcee a middle school continuation ceremony next? [TheYBF]
  • Solange‘s music sales saw a pretty solid spike after that whole elevator thing. As in they jumped from 600 track sales/week to 2,000. [Hip Hop DX]
  • Here’s Benedict Cumberbatch strutting around Monte-Carlo for that big race thing they do there. Confession: I always want to call him ‘Hubert Cumberdale’for tragic and totally uncalled for reasons. [Celebitchy]
  • Christina Ricci is definitely pregnant. [US]
  • Prince Harry went out and partied in London, and for some reason that’s the ultimate indicator that he is, indeed single. Also, he hung out with a dancer named Paige Collins, which I initially read as ‘Phil Collins.’ Prince Harry, think twice, and get back to me when you’re partying with Phil Collins. [Celebitchy]
  • Oh just Jack White expressing how frustrated he was that Meg White really keeps to herself. [Celebitchy]
  • Rowan Blanchard, 12-year-old actress who will play Cory and Topanga’s daughter on Girl Meets World, is about to make $210,000 for 21 episodes. Sigh. [TMZ]
  • Seeing these pics of shirtless Orlando Bloom at the beach is like seeing an ex-fling on Facebook. Your day will carry on as is, and there is some victory in that. [Just Jared]
  • Here are some estimations of how many millions Kimye potentially spent on their wedding. I’m currently calculating how many souls were ravaged as a result of it. [People]
  • Wiz Khalifa aka Mr. Amber Rose was arrested at a Texas airport after TSA found weed among his belongings. He proceeded to tail a selfie in jail. [TMZ]
  • Casey Wilson (from Happy Endings and Hotwives of Orlando) got married to David Caspe yesterday in Ojai, California. I’m sure it was amaaaahhzing (please forgive me). [US]

Lead image via AP.

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