EMT Who Allegedly Sexually Assaulted Five Women (Including an 11-Year-Old Girl) Goes to Trial


Yesterday in the Brooklyn Supreme Court, Angus Pascall, a 35-year-old formerly decorated NYC EMT who stands accused of sexually assaulting five women, came face-to-face again with one of the women he allegedly raped.

The woman took the stand on the first day of Pascall’s trial and testified that in 2001, Pascall conned his way into her home saying he had a package for a neighbor. Once inside, he raped her at gunpoint on the floor.

“I was scared,” the woman recalled. “I was trying not to think about what was happening.”

According to the NY Daily News, other victims are set to testify, including an 11-year-old girl he brutally raped in an elevator, during which he used his FDNY elevator key to make sure the doors stayed shut during the attack. Jesus.

Pascall was caught when a woman he raped managed to memorize his license plate number as he drove away. Further damning, prosecutors say DNA links Pascall to all of the attacks. Even Edward Friedman, Pascall’s attorney, doesn’t sound too convinced his client is innocent.

“It’s certainly true that some horrible things happened,” Friedman told the jurors. “But Mr. Pascall sits here and says he’s not guilty.”

Pascall was originally charged with these crimes in July 2010. At the time, he was on restricted duty at work since January for “punching his girlfriend and hitting her in the face with a metal toilet paper rack.” Which, sure, “restricted duty” sounds like a reasonable punishment for someone who beat the shit out of a woman. He definitely shouldn’t have been fired or anything else too severe. It’s not like this is a world in which crimes against women are taken seriously, and where there were ample opportunities to investigate Pascall, and people like him.

Oh, except in April of 2007, he plead guilty to a misdemeanor harassment charge and was suspended for 10 days with an 18-month probationary period.

The trial continues tomorrow.

Image via corgarashu / Shutterstock.

[NY Daily News]

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