'Enchanted Ball' Board Game Manages to be Sexist, Stupid and Pointless


The Enchanted Ball is board game in which up to four princess compete for the affection of one prince. So, it’s perpetually the penultimate episode of The Bachelor.

The game—which is apparently only available through retailers in the UK—is actually not much of a game at all. As the Alpha Parent points out:

“By pressing the head of the prince, the dance floor will start to vibrate and the music will play for approximately 30 seconds. The princesses on the dance floor turn around all alone and try to take the arm of the prince to dance with him”.

Wait…what? Press the ‘head of the prince’ and things start to ‘vibrate’ and you’ll have fun for ’30 seconds.’

Wait… sounds like a sex toy. But seriously: There is no strategy, no real interactive element, nor any need for any kind of skill. Here are the instructions:

When the music starts, if you’re lucky, the prince will choose you to dance with him around the ball room. He will reward you with a star. The first to receive four stars will be forever in his heart…

As the ad states, “destiny” is the deciding factor here. And in this case, “destiny” consists of motorized magnets working beneath the ballroom floor to move the princesses and prince around until he finally hooks one with his arm. Basically, little girls sit around and watch as some randomness occurs. There’s no real “winning” since there’s no sense of achievement as the players haven’t actually done anything. They are helpless as their fate is determined by some prince. Gross.

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