Estée Lauder Gets Restraining Order Against Deciem Founder Brandon Truaxe


As of last Friday, Brandon Truaxe, the ousted Deciem founder who is still very much posting on his personal Instagram about the future of the recently embattled skincare company, is now prohibited from making contact with two higher-ups at Estée Lauder, which owns 28 percent of Deciem.

WWD reports that a Canadian judge granted the order on October 19, less than a week after Truaxe was removed as CEO of Deciem. Specifically, Truaxe cannot communicate with Leonard Lauder, the chairman emeritus, and Andrew Ross, who heads up strategy and new business development. But he also cannot be within 300 meters of their homes or enter the Lauder offices.

If you ask Truaxe, though, everything is fine. On Sunday, he shared a video on Instagram in which he breathlessly explains the situation to viewers. In his own words:

In case the message is not clear, I’m fine, I’m well, everything is OK, I’m sorry that my team and our shareholders and directors have been so stupid that, much like a few of you that are still commenting on my personal account, as if Deciem or my personal account are running under a democratic approach to doing anything… Look, it’s all changing. Criminals are going to jail. Deciem is going to be restored. A lot of the team is going to fired for not doing their job for participating in crimes, knowingly or unknowingly. But the good news is that I’m okay, everything is okay.

Truaxe then gives a tour of the apparent hotel room in which he is saying, which he called a “business expense,” and proceeded to talk about how many bedrooms it has (two) and how many he would like to have just for the fun of it (four).

Best of luck to anyone who works at Deciem as this battle for the future of the company unfurls before us.

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