Everything I Learned From a New Biography of Melania Trump

Everything I Learned From a New Biography of Melania Trump

There’s a new biography of Melania by CNN reporter Kate Bennett, titled Free, Melania. If you’re wondering what purpose that comma in the title serves, welcome to the club! In Free, Melania, Bennett is attempting to make the argument that the former model is, as she puts it, “the most compelling” First Lady ever. Bennett also writes that Melania’s “defiance, and at times her patent disregard for the norms of the role, define her as an unlikely feminist.”

If you’re wondering what other insights Bennett’s unauthorized biography has into this complex woman, I’ve pulled out some more lines that struck me as particularly illuminating. Melania, enigma no more:

  • He has always wanted Melania to be her best and to feel strong and capable in her capacity as his wife.
  • Melania was a lamb to the slaughter.
  • Maintaining a smile merely for effect was not a Melania thing to do.
  • This wasn’t her dream.
  • Melania didn’t like nannies living in the penthouse with them.
  • Because unlike most other spouses (most humans, really), Melania cares not at all what other people think of her.
  • She remained unconcerned with rushing to his side or telling him not to worry, which was all he wanted his wife to do.
  • Her sentences were stiff.
  • Melania lacked something most small-town girls have: fear.
  • She was available, but not slutty.
  • But remember, this is a woman who speaks five languages.
  • She decorated with furniture she bought from Crate and Barrel.
  • Her preferred style is more minimalist, white, sparse, and slightly modern.
  • Melania, seated right next to him, didn’t bat an eye.
  • Part of Melania’s charm is her ability to put people at ease, to make them feel welcome.
  • As of this writing, Melania has yet to reveal the design of the original Trump china, but she is working closely on the project.
  • Melania in person hits all the senses.
  • It’s that strange and unprecedented dichotomy that is Melania Trump.
  • She doesn’t really seem to care.
  • Trump and Melania were crickets.
  • Melania ordered her favorite fish: Dover sole.
  • Melania genuinely enjoys spending time around children.
  • In 2018, Melania wore a lot of pantsuits.
  • She was angry he had done it so publicly.
  • Melania didn’t care either way.
  • She is a Melania who is not willing to be ignored.
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