Everything I Learned on Jury Duty: Day 3


Join me as I negotiate, firsthand, the ins and outs of the United States legal system.

Guess who’s in town this weekend?!

Instead of, say, going to school, a group of Hasidic girls walked around in front of the courthouse today looking for Jews to whom they could pass out Shabbat candles and pictures of Rabbi M. M. Schneerson, who is 100% The King Messiah and 100% down to hang all weekend. They found me immediately!

Also, here are the cities where Jews live and what time the Jews in those cities should light their Shabbos candles, according to a brochure they gave me:

New York: 6:42 PM

Boston: 6:31 PM

Chicago: 6:35 PM

Detroit: 7:19 PM

Los Angeles: 6:38 PM

Miami: 7:04 PM

Philadelphia: 6:47 PM

St. Louis: 6:47 PM

San Francisco: 6:55 PM

Washington [DC?]: 6:54 PM

This has been Everything I Learned on Jury Duty: Day 3.

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Image via Netflix.

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