Facebook Invite to Chicago Corgi Meet Up Inundated By Thousands of Corgi-Loving Freaks 


Corgis! Lots of corgis! Lots of corgis on a beach! Who wouldn’t want to go to a corgi meet-up on a beach? The answer is “no one wouldn’t want to go to a corgi meet-up on a beach.” Like, seriously—as of now, 2,243 people have RSVP’d “yes” to this event.

It’s true that Rule #1 of the 2015 Corgi Beach Meet, according to its Facebook page, is “Please control the level of invites by only sharing/inviting to people you know have a Corgi or valid interest in attending.”

But, below, someone raises a good question:

I mean, I’m pretty interested in attending this event as well. Another user replies:

i can not bring a corgi. does this mean i will be denied the opportunity to see/pet/play with pups? this is all i wish to do

A corgi owner writes:

Yeah you need to redue this and set it for private. I don’t think the dog beach can hold 1.5k people with corgis lol

Yeah, but like, just imagine. I’m booking a flight to Chicago just to cover my bases in case approximately 1,500 corgis show up.

17 hours ago, another woman wrote:

So, 2,200 people have RSVP’ed for this event…once again.

You know how it is, guys, you plan a corgi meet-up and suddenly there are thousands of freaks with binoculars creeping ever-closer to your rotund animals like moths to a motherfuckin FLAME. I mean—you own corgis. You’ve been here before.

She continues:

I think we all know there aren’t that many Corgis in Chicagoland, so clearly people have been sharing the invite.

Yeah, clearly. Also… you coming?

See you there?

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